Mititei, Sarmale, Gogosi and more at Taste of Transylvania's
Log Cabin Concession Trailer

Mititei (romanian sausage), Sarmale (cabbage rolls), Gogosi (home made donuts), Clatite (crepes), Saorma (chicken wrap), our own special Dracula's Drink and much more ...

Log Cabin Custom Built Trailers

    We will build your trailer to your specifications. We will create, design, and help you develop your dream trailer.

    Our trailers are built heavy-duty, to last and survive the rough roads it will be headed on. Our workmanship is superb and superior to all the large manufacturers that do not take the time to create exactly what you are looking for.

    The price starts at $18,000 ( for a shell ) and goes up based on the size, materials and equipment used.


      Unlike most concession trailer builders, we didn't start in this business then decide to build trailers. We custom built houses, we remodeled, and redesigned kitchens for years. We are experts in quality workmanship, creative space usage, and masters of design. So if you can see, we went from contracting beautiful homes, to recreating your average trailer, into a rustic, beautiful kitchen meant for the road!

      Now, if you are ready to start your business, we are ready to help you find the perfect vehicle to guide you to success.


     If you would like to have a log cabin custom built trailer built by a legitimate, skilled team, at a reasonable price, then call us....or if you want a bit more pricey trailer built by the big dogs, then call them...      Either way, a quality trailer you will receive, question is how much are you willing to pay for it and where do you want your money to go :)The only company we trust, if you decide not to go with us, is

Southern Yankees Bar-B-Q .

   If you want to try any other companies, then choose with caution, we have discovered that there are a lot of scams out there.


   You can contact us through out the web site or directly at 609-204-7297 . 


   Please let us know if you see our pictures on other sites without our permission. There been some scams going around and using our information and pictures.  We appreciate you helping us help others from being scammed .

Update: March 09, 2010

   Being the season is about to begin, I have received many if you want a trailer by a certain day, contact me asap!!




More pictures coming soon......

.Please check back frequently, I am very busy with this exciting and growing business!! I ensure I will keep posting pictures and growing this site into more than you see here!! Thanks for being our patron.