Mititei, Sarmale, Gogosi and more at Taste of Transylvania's
Log Cabin Concession Trailer

Mititei (romanian sausage), Sarmale (cabbage rolls), Gogosi (home made donuts), Clatite (crepes), Saorma (chicken wrap), our own special Dracula's Drink and much more ...

Mici ( known also as Mititei)

Mici is our main dish we are known for. It is the traditional food that is served at all outdoor events in Romania. The best description we have is it is "skinless sausage."

Historically, Mici was sausage, until a very busy restaurant in Bucharest ran out of castings, in a rush they threw the meat directly on the grill without them.The clients went crazy, it was a great hit! From that day forward, Mici became what it is today.


Clatite (similar to french crapes)

A light, delicate desert. Our clatite are filled with strawberry preserves and served with a side of ice cream. They look very similar to crepes, but don't be fooled! Our recipe is not the same, a much lighter, tastier version! Enjoy a "clatita" and I promise that there is no need to count the calories!!

Sarmale ( Cabbage Rolls)

This classy dish is perfect for any one that appreciates a good meal! We make ours from turkey, our healthy, secret ingrediant! You will love the unique taste of fresh herbs that make this dish a favorite!

Shaorma ( Chicken Wrap)

You have not had a chicken wrap until you ate a shaorma!! It is a delicious, unique wrap flavored with our garlic cream sauce and distictive from our french fries that give it a unique style! Enjoy savoring chicken, fresh pickles, and a great cabbage salad! All rolled up into a filling meal!!

Langosi (Fried Bred)

The best description of the langosi is fried bread. It originated from Hungary. Best served with a garlic cream sauce and feta cheese. I choose to serve it with a little sour cream and feta cheese to accomodate the American taste buds. We also offer it with cinnamon and sugar to rival with the famous elephant ear. There is of course no comparison! Consider it a nice snack or a yummy desert!

Gogosi (Homestyle Donuts)

Our fresh, home made donuts are a favorite every where we go! You can cover them with powdered sugar or cinnamon and sugar!! Both a yummy choice!