Mititei, Sarmale, Gogosi and more at Taste of Transylvania's
Log Cabin Concession Trailer

Mititei (romanian sausage), Sarmale (cabbage rolls), Gogosi (home made donuts), Clatite (crepes), Saorma (chicken wrap), our own special Dracula's Drink and much more ...

Please be aware of the new scam !!!


      First of all when we first got into the business we started on the wrong foot, meaning that we got scammed. Like everyone out there, we were looking to buy a trailer for our business and we found one, the perfect one...everything you possible want in a trailer for cheap! 

     So, after long time waiting for the perfect trailer to be built for us we realized that we have no trailer...So, when something is too good to be true...most of the time isn't . We lost a lot of money and we went thought a lot of stress, but we end up building the trailer ourselves and even better then the one promised. What can you do ? You have to move on and learn from your mistakes and help others not to get into that situation. 

This is the trailer I got scammed with and the same guy selling it

     So, here I am trying to help you... If you are thinking to start in this business be very careful, there are a lot of sharks  out there and they do not care about you. 

     Right now there is a new scam ...someone is selling my trailer for $3,900 to $4,500 and he is everywhere. He stole  my information and my pictures and he is fabricating all kinds of stories about why he is selling the trailer so cheap. He mostly advertises on craigslist and uses females names and sad stories. I now have printed on my pictures, hopefully that will help.

     So, be careful and let me know if you need any help. As a rule of thumb...if you are looking for a trailer like mine or similar, if it is less than $20,000 to $29,000 used depending on with or without the equipment , it is a scam. For more information you can contact me at 609-204-7297.

Some site of many where I found my information posted on :

Scam 1

Scam 2

Scam 3

 Someone telling about the scam

and they are many more, hard to keep up.


 Sincerely, Mihai