Mititei, Sarmale, Gogosi and more at Taste of Transylvania's
Log Cabin Concession Trailer

Mititei (romanian sausage), Sarmale (cabbage rolls), Gogosi (home made donuts), Clatite (crepes), Saorma (chicken wrap), our own special Dracula's Drink and much more ...

Satisfied Clients At Some Events...

Here are a few fun people we met that love our food! Thanks Guys!!

Teri and her friend at the Jackson County Fair!!


Teri saw us at Ann Arbor Street Fair and came only to this fair because she saw us featured in the paper and had to try our food!! She quickly became a loyal client!! Thanks, was awesome meeting you guys!!

Jackson County Fair 8/11/2009


 " Delicious !! "  says Rachel at the Jackson County Fair. Thanks Rachel!

Jackson County Fair 8/11/2009


This family is happily enjoying the Fair and found a liking for Dracula's Drink!!

Jackson County Fair 8/11/2009


Mark exclaims " Phenomenal!!"He loved our Mici! Thanks Mark! You were  way fun to meet!! Come and see us again!

Jackson County Fair 8/11/2009


Nikki and Brock claims " American Style Mici is  Really Good!! " Thanks guys for choosing us over the typical Fair Food!!

Jackson County Fair, the night of Alice Cooper Concert! 8/11/2009


Roger, Thanks for the support!! Love that shirt and come see us again!! If anyone else likes his shirt contact me cause he does awesome illustrations for a living!! Super cool guy , enjoying our homestyle donut!!

Jackson County Fair 8/12/2009


Sarah claims our cabbage rolls and mici are " Fantastic!!" Thanks Sarah!! Good Luck in Colorado!! Look for us there!

Jackson County Fair 8/12/2009


" Best Cabbage Rolls Ever! They are awesome!" Exclaims Ken. Thanks Ken for all the praise! Come and see us again!

Jackson County Fair


Pam enjoyed our Langosi with feta cheese every day at the Jackson County Fair! Thanks for being one of our favorite clients!! Hope to run into you again!

Michigan State Fair 8/31/2009


Terry and Katrina enjoyed our Dracula Drink with our awesome souvenir cup all day long!! Thanks guys, have fun at the State Fair!

Michigan State Fair 9/01/2009


Renee enjoyed our food! Thanks for all the extra tips of the business!

Michigan State Fair 09/02/2009


"Cabbage Rolls are delicious!" exclaims Renee with her husband Tony. Tony enjoyed are mici, claiming they are "Super Sausage!"  Thanks, Renee, Tony and Maran ( in the center). Hope you guys enjoyed the State Fair!!

Michigan State Fair 09/02/2009


Renee bragged to everyone walking by " Mmmmmm, this is so good!" She loved our cabbage rolls and sausage. Thanks for being so excited to try something new!!

St. Joseph Art Fair